SAAS Corporate Gifting Just Became Personal

Most SaaS companies focus on efforts such as email, phone calls, social media touches, lead magnets and funnels for sales engagement and retention. But savvy SaaS companies have quickly uncovered corporate gifting as one of the most effective ways to acquire and retain customers. Gifting is also a proven way to build company morale, cultivating a strong culture where everyone feels aligned and part of a team with purpose.

Done well, a smart SaaS corporate gifting strategy will increase awareness and referrals in ways traditional methods of sales engagement could never accomplish.

Let's take a look at how corporate gifting for SaaS companies can enhance revenue growth and cultivate a stronger company culture.

Grow Your Sales Pipeline and Increase Conversion

How do you want your customers to think of you?

Every sales professional looks for creative ways to spark conversations, increase referrals, improve retention and elevate the positive impression of your company and personal brand.

It's difficult to gain a competitive advantage by doing the same things your competitors are doing. Create a unique experience that builds familiarity and trust, and you'll be way ahead of everyone else. SaaS corporate gifting gives you an advantage, opening opportunities that would otherwise never present themselves.

There is a ton of data to support the impact of gifting. In a recent article, ZoomInfo shared the impact of corporate gifting, stating "the practice has been a runaway success at ZoomInfo. Specific gifting tactics have generated return on investment ranging from 250 percent to a jaw-dropping 14,971 percent."

When was the last time you felt the need to share an experience you had with a co-worker or friend? When SaaS corporate gifting is done well, the inevitable result is organic word of mouth support that increases visibility and creates opportunities.

It's important to keep in mind not all gifting is good. If you position yourself as a reliable, creative, high quality SaaS partner with meticulous attention to detail, then the last thing you want to do is send a T-shirt or some generic gift in a box with a shipping label. The gift should be a clear representation of your brand values, delivering an experience worth talking about! It should ultimately help answer the question: "How do you want people to think of you?"

Even if you get the brand messaging dialed in perfectly and have the best intentions of gifting prospects and clients, you'll discover it's easier said than done. The main reason so few sales teams incorporate quality gifting is because it's incredibly hard to do. You typically have to choose appropriate gifts, source those gifts from one or more suppliers, and have them shipped to your office, package everything neatly, create a personalized note, seal, label and ship. And if you only have one, or a handful, of people in mind, you're often stuck with a closet full of extras due to minimum quantity requirements of most suppliers.

GildedBox eliminates all of these obstacles so you and your team can deliver unbelievable, Instagram unboxing worthy, gifts within minutes; We've created a dedicated customer platform so you can send completely personalized gifts to your recipients, without any minimum requirements. You can quickly design and produce gifts to ensure you're able to take advantage of every opportunity and stay relevant.

Employee Engagement

A new Pew Research Center survey finds that a majority of workers who quit a job in 2021 during the "great resignation" listed feeling disrespected at work as a major reason why they quit. In fact, over a third say how they felt was a major reason for why they left.

Whether onboarding a new hire, celebrating a milestone, recruiting top talent or simply showing your team some gratitude for their efforts, personalized gift giving can play a significant role in strengthening company culture and creating stronger bonds between members of your team whether they be remote workers, in-office, or a combination of both.

Onboarding is all about setting the tone. This is an opportunity for a new hire to experience how a company treats employees. Is this new hire just another body or a valued member of the team? Personalized gift giving is an opportunity to elevate the level of excitement and appreciation of a new hire. But more importantly, it helps a new hire feel like they belong.

Showing how much you value new hires during the onboarding process tends to have a positive ripple effect for the business. You'll often begin to benefit from higher quality talent through referrals, social buzz and online reviews highlighting experiences your competitors are probably not delivering. When recruiting talent, the decision between one SaaS company or another, is often determined by a prospect's understanding of the overall culture and the value leadership puts in the individual members of the team. New hires want to know they made the right decision. SaaS corporate gifting enables you to set the tone and start the entire experience off on the perfect foot.

New employees are often excited to share the news. When your SaaS company leverages corporate gifting it can inspire those social media posts every company loves! When employees brag about the place they work, it naturally strengthens brand awareness, attracts more top talent, and sends a clear message to prospects looking to do business with you that you're a company that cares.

Additionally, what you do when your team hits a milestone speaks volumes about the leadership, and overall culture, of the company. Milestones offer an opportunity to recognize the hard work and focus that went into the accomplishment. Personalized gift giving is a perfect way to say thanks and build stronger bonds that build momentum to power the next, even greater, milestones!

Our Boxes Need Boxes; Delivering an Unboxing Experience That Resonates

Gifting is all about the experience. It's the curiosity and excitement you feel when receiving a gift. It's the way it feels to open the box and uncover what's inside.

At GildedBox, our boxes need boxes.

How you show up is critically important to the overall experience of a recipient, and the results of your effort. Your gift is a representation of your brand, your attention to detail and how much you value the relationship. If you were getting engaged, you wouldn't send a Tiffany's box through the mail with a label on it, because the box is part of the experience. You could argue the Tiffany's box is more important to the overall experience than the jewelry inside. And you'd be right.

If you've tried gifting in the past, you've undoubtedly found out just how challenging the process can be. Great intentions are often derailed because of the complexities, time, and budget required to consistently do gifting well.

Traditional promotional type items, often referred to as swag, may be great for tradeshows or random handouts, but SaaS corporate gifting is all about the experience.

What do you want the recipient to think about you and your brand? How do you want them to feel? How valuable would it be for them to post an unboxing thank you video on social media? How valuable is the current, or potential, relationship to you and your business? Is your gift reflective of your intentions, your brand, your story and the experience you expect your recipient to have?

We're in the experience business. The reason we're vertically integrated, managing the entire process from design to production and delivery, is because the experience is that important to us.It's also why our boxes need boxes.

Our gifting concierge team ensures every gift supports the story you're trying to tell, what you stand for, and the message you're hoping to convey. Whatever the budget, our team has a long history of curating creative gift ideas that inspire, motivate and build connections that lead to valuable opportunities for you and your business.

You wouldn't show up to an important meeting in an outfit you wore the past two days, disheveled and stained. You'd show up looking your best, feeling your best, and presenting yourself and your company in the best possible way.

Every GildedBox is designed to show up representing you and your company in spectacular fashion. Your gift box tells a story, your story. We have an award winning design team, gifting concierge team, and production and manufacturing team who put their heart and soul into every box - for you. Whether you're ordering one, or one hundred boxes, you enjoy the full support of our expert team to deliver an experience you can be proud of. And more importantly, an experience that gets the kind of response, and the results, to help you accomplish your goals and make your mark.

Reorder & Personalize

We touched on gifting challenges earlier, but SaaS corporate gifting has the added challenge of speed. Speeding up your response times is more likely to increase sales than almost any other factor. You need to be able to react quickly in order to build on any current momentum, increasing the opportunities you've worked so hard for.

It sounds cliche, but our clients will tell you we're a valued partner who gives them a competitive advantage. Our gifting platform was built from the ground up to help you take advantage of opportunities immediately. The last thing you want is to miss out on an opportunity you could have capitalized on simply because you couldn't respond in time.

Your GildedBox platform provides the advantage of a customized dashboard of your own. Once you order a gift box, we'll add that to your dashboard. The next time you need to order a gift, you simply log into your dashboard, customize the gift to your intended recipient with their name, company name and/or logo, provide the mailing address and hit send. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

Your GildedBox dashboard is perfect for your SaaS corporate gifting. Aside from the ease of use, you always benefit from our quick turn-times and no minimum requirements. So the next time an opportunity comes up, you can deliver an awe-inspiring message that's sure to set you apart from any competitors.

And you can deliver that experience in about the same amount of time it would take to send an email.

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