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The Power of a Truly Personalized Gift | GildedBox

The Power of a Truly Personalized Gift

Customization and personalization make your giftee feel special and valued. When a gift is tailored to reflect the recipient's unique tastes, interests, and name, it sends a clear message: "You are important, and you're worth the extra effort."

At GildedBox, every element, from the product selection, to the branding, to personalized notes, and packaging design, is tailored to turn a moment of gifting into a meaningful and memorable experience.

Your Story

Each gift is a canvas for your story. Your dedicated GildedBox team works closely with you to embed both your brand's essence and your message in each element of the gift, ensuring that it reflects your values and clearly conveys how important your recipient is to you.

Your Story | GildedBox
Getting it Right from the Start | GildedBox

Getting it Right from the Start

We know an unforgettable experience begins the moment your gift is in the hands of therecipient. The first moment of contact, the unboxing, is where the magic starts. This is why we design and assemble each gift's packaging in-house, creating an experiencethat captivates and delights even before the contents of the gift are revealed.

Quality & Craftsmanship

At GildedBox, our commitment to the highest quality and craftsmanship guide everychoice we make. Our careful curation starts with the finest products, ranging from thelatest Apple AirPods to the timeless elegance of Mont Blanc pens, and the celebratory luxury of Moet & Chandon champagne. This commitment to quality extends beyond thegifts themselves to the materials used in our packaging. We choose only premiummaterials that not only protect but also enhance the beauty and value of the contents.The attention to detail is meticulous, ensuring that each package is not just a box, but awork of art.

Our dedicated GildedBox team embodies the spirit of craftsmanship in every step of theassembly process. They painstakingly inspect each gift to guarantee that it meets ourexacting standards, ensuring that every detail, from the perfect placement of each itemto the flawless finish of the packaging, contributes to delivering an exceptional giftingexperience.

At GildedBox, we believe that to deliver an extraordinary gift, every detail matters.

Quality & Craftsmanship | GIldedBox

Exceptional gifting and design,
one destination.

Order with No Minimums

We offer flexible order quantities with no minimum order size.

Design & Build

Every gift is designed, personalized, and handcrafted with precision and care.

Project Management

We manage the entire process end-to-end, from design and assembly to delivery.

Delivery & Fulfillment

We can ship your gifts directly to each of your recipients, across the US and globally.

Apple Airpods 3 Wireless Charging VIP Gift Set | GildedBox
Etihad Airways First Class Gift Set:
AirPods Pro with digitally printed Glass Wireless Charger.
Custom-designed Display Box with Personalized Greeting Card.
Craftsmanship Quality

Hand-built with precision, sustainability, and durability in mind.

Express Production

Fully designed and built in as little as One day, to make your most important event.

One-to-one Shipping

Ship directly to recipients, one at a time or all at once.

On Demand

Let us design your gifts, then send them automatically. No minimums allow to fully optimize your budget.