Every Gift is Personal

No minimums.

Tailored Luxury Gifts with No Constraints | GildedBox

Tailored Luxury Gifts
with No Constraints

At GildedBox, every order, big or small, is treated with exceptional care. Our no minimum order policy ensures that whether you're sending a single special gift or many, each one is its own masterpiece of quality and personalization.

No minimum order quantities gives you :

Ease to try

Many of our orders come from return customers who have created exceptional gifting experiences with us in the past. No order minimums make it easy for you to start small (e.g. order just one gift) to experience the GildedBox touch to elevated corporate gifting. We think you'll be back.

Flexibility for all occasions

No minimums give you unparalleled flexibility, perfect for exclusive client gifts, special recognition awards, or a thoughtful gesture to a valued partner.

Personalized attention for every gift

Each GildedBox gift, from a solo order to a group, receives our full attention to detail and craftsmanship, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for each recipient.

Apple Airpods 3 Wireless Charging VIP Gift Set | GildedBox
Craftsmanship Quality

Hand-built with precision, sustainability, and durability in mind.

Express Production

Fully designed and built in as little as One day, to make your most important event.

One-to-one Shipping

Ship directly to recipients, one at a time or all at once.

On Demand

Let us design your gifts, then send them automatically. No minimums allow to fully optimize your budget.