Who We Are :

Our Story is Your Story

We believe a gift should be as unique as the story it tells, eloquently conveying appreciation, success, and aspiration. Born from the desire to transform corporate gifting into an experience that evokes emotion and strengthens relationships, GildedBox has perfected the artistry of gifting, helping tell the stories of companies from start-ups with big dreams to the world's most recognized brands.

Our Commitment | GildedBox

Our Commitment

We are committed to a standard of luxury and personalization that leaves a lasting impression with every GildedBox gift.

From the individualized design of our packaging to the meticulous selection of products, each element is carefully chosen to reflect your brand's values and the unique importance of the recipient. Our offerings are not mere items but expressions of recognition, celebration, and distinction.

Our Craft

The journey of a GildedBox gift is artistry in motion, from the initial design concept to the final presentation. Our vertically integrated design and manufacturing headquarters is where creativity meets technology, allowing us to tailor each gift to the finest detail.

Our unwavering commitment to artistry ensures each unboxing becomes a grand reveal; from the tactile pleasure of our packaging to the carefully selected items, we create a cohesive and memorable narrative that turns every gift into a uniquely memorable story.

Our Craft | GildedBox
Your Experience | GildedBox

Your Experience

Our dedication to customization extends beyond the products to the entire gifting process, ensuring that your story of gratitude and recognition is unmistakable. We invite you to be part of an exclusive experience that is seamlessly executed yet intimately personalized. With GildedBox, gifting becomes an unforgettable chapter in your corporate journey.

Exceptional gifting and design,
one destination.

Order with No Minimums

We offer flexible order quantities with no minimum order size.

Design & Build

Every gift is designed, personalized, and handcrafted with precision and care.

Project Management

We manage the entire process end-to-end, from design and assembly to delivery.

Delivery & Fulfillment

We can ship your gifts directly to each of your recipients, across the US and globally.

Apple Airpods 3 Wireless Charging VIP Gift Set | GildedBox
Etihad Airways First Class Gift Set:
AirPods Pro with digitally printed Glass Wireless Charger.
Custom-designed Display Box with Personalized Greeting Card.
Craftsmanship Quality

Hand-built with precision, sustainability, and durability in mind.

Express Production

Fully designed and built in as little as One day, to make your most important event.

One-to-one Shipping

Ship directly to recipients, one at a time or all at once.

On Demand

Let us design your gifts, then send them automatically. No minimums allow to fully optimize your budget.